Referring Physicians

Our practice strives to provide the best possible care for patients with neurosurgical conditions. We integrate excellent clinical care with the use of innovative technology, and take a holistic view of treating the patient with an understanding of their complete medical history. Sometimes referring physicians seek a secondary consultation to confirm a diagnosis, review existing patient records and previous tests or surgeries, request more extensive diagnostic evaluations, or to have their patients receive a specialized treatment that they may be unable to provide in their office. Patients are encouraged throughout their treatment with our practice to maintain close contact with their primary care and/or referring physicians.

Physicians, case managers or medical organizations that would like to obtain a consultation, second opinion or discuss specific patient issues may call our office at (262)-754-5190. Alternatively, you may fax our office at (262)-754-5195, or send an email to [email protected] Our staff will be happy to schedule an appointment for the patient after reviewing their insurance information and obtaining a documented referral if needed.