Worker’s Compensation

For Worker’s Compensation Cases:
We will need the name of the insurance carrier, agent, name, their address, your claim number, accident date, and a copy of the accident report. In addition to the worker’s compensation information, it is our policy that you provide our office with your private health insurance information. If your private insurance is an HMO, you are still required to obtain a referral before the office visit.

If your worker’s compensation case is in litigation (i.e. you are working with an attorney on the case), Dr. Lloyd cannot see you unless you provide written acknowledgement by the insurance carrier that the claim is authorized and that the carrier will pay for your medical and surgical expenses while you are under Dr. Lloyd’s care. The worker’s compensation carrier must submit a letter to our office on or before your first office visit acknowledging the coverage of your claim for Dr. Lloyd’s treatment

Attorney letters of protection will not be accepted. If you are unable to secure written documentation from your worker’s compensation carrier, full payment is due at the time of service for each and every visit or treatment by Dr. Lloyd, including surgery. You will be responsible for maintaining communication with your employer by requesting a work slip or other written documentation at each office visit and by submitting it promptly to them. Dr. Lloyd does not “back date” these forms.

For Motor Vehicle Accident or Personal Injury Cases: Claims relating to motor vehicle or personal injuries will be submitted to your private health insurance only. If duplicate payment is made by an insurance company, we will issue a refund to you at that time. You will be responsible for any communication with your motor vehicle insurance carrier or attorney. We do not accept letters of protection from attorneys.