Pro Health ACO

ProHealth Solutions clinically integrates the IPA Waukesha Elmbrook Health Care (which includes ProHealth Care Medical Associates physicians) with ProHealth Care hospitals and the entire ProHealth Care system. The health care providers form a virtual medical community, adopting a shared electronic medical record, resulting in improved coordination of care for all patients — especially those with chronic illnesses. ProHealth Solutions also includes a comprehensive quality improvement program with new information technology to measure specific clinical and efficiency outcomes for each physician.

ProHealth Solutions collaborates with payers and employers to develop programs that improve the quality and efficiency of health care services.

In addition to a total of 450 physicians, ProHealth Solutions’ participants include Waukesha Memorial Hospital, Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital, ProHealth Care’s Center for Behavioral Health, ProHealth Home Care and Hospice, AngelsGrace Hospice and ProHealth Care’s Home Infusion services.

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