EPIC Electronic Health Record

ProHealth Care has selected the EPIC EHR software system as a powerful tool for facing the changes ahead in national health care delivery and reimbursement. The highest quality medical care provided by collaborating physicians in primary care, specialty practices and participating hospitals is the goal of this system. The EPIC system emphasizes clinical efficiency, user satisfaction, less repetitious data entry, and increased accuracy and consistency in reporting results of diagnostic testing and physician/patient encounters. Patients will have a coordinated experience across all PHC and affiliated sites regardless of point of entry.

At Associates of Neurological Surgery, S.C., we launched the EPIC system on August 9, 2012, and as a result are moving to a paperless environment within the practice. The private, secure electronic portal we have installed allows us to maintain protected health information for each patient that can be shared with primary care physicians and other caregivers within the ProHealth system. We are committed to the HIPAA security regulations for preserving patient privacy as required by law.

We appreciate the understanding of all our patients as we continue to develop our expertise in using the EPIC system to facilitate providing the best neurological surgery care possible. Dr. Lloyd and his staff welcome your comments and feedback as this process continues to improve.